iCheck is an automated process that verifies the integrity of MLS listing by ensuring all listings are in compliance with the REALTOR® Association's rules and regulations.

Violation data is saved in a database for statistical analysis and fine collection; member and broker notification may be sent by email and/or letter and may include a copy of the erroneous field, the applicable Rule/Regulation and count of violations in the prior 12 months and more.

iCheck 3.5 (Current Version) Key Features
  • Virtually unlimited custom MLS Rules (fineable errors) checked per board or association.
  • Virtually unlimited custom Courtesy Notices (non fineable errors) per board or association.
  • Manual Error Entry for member reported violations such as listing showing Active/Available when really Pending or Temporally off the market.
  • Custom Email and Letter Templates using iCheck Template Manager.
  • Optional Tax integration to validate MLS Listing utilizing Tax data.
  • Optional MLS Area database integration to validate MLS Listing utilizing MLS proprietary Area database.
  • Exportable data reports in html, xls, and csv formats.
  • Web based application with logon security and access logging.
  • History tracking of emails, letters, and changes made by board users.
  • Daily Reporting listing detail analysis of every Error, Correction, Fine, and Courtesy Notice.
  • Automatic and or Manual email notification for Warnings, Corrections, Fines and courtesy Notices.
  • Manual Letter notification for Warnings, Corrections, Fines, and Courtesy Notices.
  • Custom Courtesy Notices for fineable type errors such as:
    • Automatic Random Audit Notification
    • Listing about to Expire Notification
    • Missing Photos

iCheck reports (Errors, Corrections, Fines, Courtesy Notices) are interactive and offer the follow key features:
  • Sortable columns in ascending or descending order.
  • Report Filtering.
  • Previous reports can be dynamically recreated using the calendar tool to generate reports for past dates.
  • Dynamic Email and/or Letter notification using templates in ready to send form by simply double clicking on the error.
  • Typical report columns are ML Number, EntryDate, Status, Type, Agent, Office, Notified By, Error, Status and Description.
  • Each report offers context Statistical Summary Information.
  • Selectable Results per page for faster display of long reports.
  • Page Navigation using First, Previous, Last, and Page # buttons for faster navigation between report pages.
  • At a glance Year to Date (YTD) error totals by Agent and Office.
  • Visual check mark showing Notification method (Email and/or Letter).
  • Error highlighting in error description column to focus on actual error.
  • Color coding for Corrected or Finable errors.
  • MLS Number hot link popup current Listing information.
  • YTD Error hot link popup report of all errors by Agent or Office.
  • History hot link popup report to show complete history of (what, when, who ) like Email or Letter notification.
  • Row highlighting (in yellow) to mark where you are in the report for when your called away like a phone call or by the boss.
iCheck History

  • Validating about 2 million listings daily, 289,800 members, serving 93 Boards in US and Canada1
  • Version 2.0 Released October 3, 2005
  • Version 1.0 First Customer Ship March 1, 2005 (10,000 members)1
  • First Prototype August 30, 2003
  • Technology Design/Product Concept July, 1st 2003

Note1 - Approx number of members, listings, MLS's.
Note2 - Approx number of members.


Agent Reporting

Agent Reporting provides REALTOR® Associations with an automated process to handle members reported MLS Violations and Data Errors.

Member’ reports are processed automatically and stored in a database. A daily report is generated for the MLS Staff summarizing each report. Auto responders can notify members by email and/or letter and may include a copy of the erroneous field, the applicable Rule/Regulation and count of violations in the prior 12 months.

Custom Designs

iCheck and Agent Reporting are tailored to the needs of each Association or MLS, applying their specific rules and regulations. Relevant violation data can be saved for statistical analysis and fine collection.

Give yourself the competitive edge

iCheck Automated Services can provide your REALTOR® Association and Multiple Listing Services with tools that can auomate the most demanding processes, saving you time and money while ensuring quality and reliability.

Contact a Sales Associate today to lean more about what iCheck can do for you at (954) 432-9096.